Its Still Hard.

My husband got home in July and not gonna lie that was the best moment of my life. But after his 30 days of leave and when he went back to work he told me that hes scheduled to deploy again in early 2012, not to mention the training that he has for a few weeks at a time in January and March of this coming year. I don't want him to go again. I mean like I still don't know any deatils about the last deployment because he wont tell me anything. It sucks casue one of the guys he was deployed with, wife knows basically all the stories and all but I know nothing so I always feel so dumb. I want to know what he did overseas and it some ways it hurts that he doesnt tell me what happened. I feel like he thinks I couldn't handle the stories I really do wish he had waited awile to tell me he was on track to deploy again lol. Oh well if everything goes wellish he will get restationed in Julyish and then wont be deploying with his unit so that would be nice lol. I'm hoping for Germany :)
SilverStar101 SilverStar101
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2010