They Don't Get It!

Im am so sick of people telling me that it isn't worth the wait nd that i am too young to be "held down" to this long distance relationship. I mean i hear it from friends, my parents, and other people who barely know me. It really bugs me because i know that they wouldn't give up their loved one for anything. They say that we're too young to be putting ourselves through this. Idk what to do....i want to tell ryan but i dont want to get him mad. His mom is great though.She helps me through everything. I can talk to her and know that i can go to her for anything. She has already taken me in as her daughter....6 more months and i get to see my man!!!
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Just stay strong! My friends are the same way. I have not been dating my boyfriend for that long but he has been a family friend forever and we were always every close. We decided to date right before he left for basic. I get to see my man here soon for the 36 hour pass and then family day late aug. He is worth the wait. No one will understand how you feel and what it is like unless their going through it to.

Yea just ignore them!! They don't know what its like... even though its really hard our men are worth the wait!! I miss my Marine so so much!! He deployed to Afghanistan a month ago and he'll be there for about 6 to 11 more months... and its already felt like forever.... just continue going to his mom. You'll get through this no problemo. Just keep yourself busy and you also have all these other military girlfriends to turn too who DO know what your going through...

Girl one hard thing you have to learn in life is not to listen to people and all of their negative comments. There is always going to be someone to tell you not to do this or not to do that. Just follow your heart. I'm going through the same thing with my boyfriend. He is getting ready to graduate from basic on the 26th but he will be in for another four years. If you love him then stay with him. That's all there is to it. If those people really cared about you and loved you then they would see how much he means to you and try to support you instead of bring you down and frustrate you. Keep your head up and stay strong. It's a long hard struggle being with an army man but if you love him and he loves you then stick through it. It will pay off in the end. Listen to the girls on here. It always helps me. They know what they are talking about. Good luck!

Omg i know how you feel. When i first started my relationship with my boyfriend people were less than supportive, but i realized it's not their life and it's mine andwe shouldn't let people decide who we shoud be with.<br />
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They don't understand it because they haven't been through it.<br />
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i want to say that people will start to understand, but to be honest until they know what it's like they will never understand.<br />
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I am 19 and i dated my bf before he went into bootcamp but we were afraid we wouldn't work out so we ended it. Then after a year of being friends we decided to give it a shot. We haven't been dating that long about almost 3 months and people tell me i'm crazy, he's going to cheat on me, a whole bunch of stuff, but i don't listen because people are going to hate and i know i have a good thing and i wouldn't trade this type of relationship for anything.<br />
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So don't give up if you love him because honestly it's worth it.<br />
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So true. I wish people would back off when they have no idea what their talking about. Stay strong, you'll pull through.

I know how that feels. Im going through it right now. all you do is wanna just tell them to screw off, right? Does it get better?

Ignore them.... they don't know how you're feeling.... Apparently his mom is great, so take support to each other... LIke me and my boyfriend's parents do.. Thank God I had his parents and my family supporting me.... And don't hear your "friends"...

I was just saying this today! An Army wife gave me a great bit of advice. <br />
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Don't listen to your friends. Trust me on that - if you do, it's a mess from the start. It's one time you just have to follow your heart. <br />
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That saved my sanity and made me seek out a group like this. It is sooo good to know I"m not alone.

Hey. Just so you know, you are not alone in that. I am only 17 and my soldier is 19. I hear the same things from my friends and my family. They say that we are too young to put ourselves through the things that we are doing but when you really care about someone it doesnt matter. Our soldiers need someone there for them more then anyone else out there and we tend to be their rock most of the time. <br />
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Just ignore what your friends say and what your family says. If they havent been down this road there is no way they could ever understand the dedication that we feel towards our soldiers. Tell them that until they understand they can keep their opinions to themselves because as of right now they arent valid.

Completely relate. I've never held anything my friend's say in high regard when it comes to dating advice (because to be honest, the rule of putting friends before an amazing relationship always seemed ridiculous to me). But when my mom even suggested that I was setting myself up for heartache, I was finally worried and needed to think. I hold everything she says like it's the book of God, cause I swear she's never been wrong about any guy or situation.<br />
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But even believing that, the part of me that gives a damn about possible pain doesn't hold a candle to the part of me that's totally fallen for my boyfriend. The distance, the doubts, the missing him... the total craziness of what Army love consists of... actually makes me feel whole. I think it's the only time I've care about any guy so authentically, or been willing to free fall without taking caution. No breaks, no fear, just love. There's something liberating about that sensation and it always reassures me, this lifestyle, crazy as it may be, is fully what I want. <br />
If I'm wasting time, so be it. <br />
I've wasted time face to face with so many frivolous guys/relationships, so putting time into one that feels this right doesn't scare me.

Just hold your ground. I am only 16 and doing the same thing.....they will try to tell you waht to do but you are your own person and if you believe and know in your heart that this is what you want then tell them all to hush up and you will live your life like you want to...stand your ground

Hey girl!<br />
That is the worst part about it. Nobody understands what it's like! The thing really is though... most people don't care enough to do this and that's why nobody can relate. Most people only are "in love" when it's convenient for them. Army relationships are the real deal. They can last through anything! I'm glad you're sticking through it! It's totally worth it =) Good luck!<br />
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don't listen to anybody they have no idea what your situation is like. I have been in the same boat and people just don't get it and thats why they judge it. I give you a big credit for going through this. Its a special kind of person to be a military girlfriend. Were special. Just remember that!

Carmen is right. Just hang tough. Sounds like his Mom is super. You two help each other out.

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just wanted to say, just ignore the people that say that. and as far as your friends go, they oviously arent your true friends. people dont' really understand how hard it truely is to be in our spot. we are stronger because of what we go through, and your right, most people wouldn't give up their boyfriends for anything i go through this all the time.