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I am nineteen years old and my boyfriend and I have been together for a little over three and a half years. We were high school sweethearts and have been making things work since he began his basic training at Fort Benning in the later half of October. He recently just left to return from his Christmas exodus. I was apprehensive about his joining the Army, simply because of the fact that we're both still young and I was (and to some degree still) worried about what will happen in the long run concerning our relationship. Now however, I'm beginning to think that this whole army thing is actually what our relationship needed. The time apart helps us appreciate what time we do have together more and he has grown up and matured more as a man. Before he left, the word "marriage" and "commitment" almost made him throw up and promptly run in the opposite direction. But a few days into his exodus, he began to speak more openly and candidly about it and has even begun to discuss wedding plans with me. It's overwhelming, but definitely a good note to end things on considering I have another two weeks until I can see him at his graduation. I'll cut things off here, but I will certainly be posting more on developments as they happen and give advice in any way that I can. :]
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Thanks a lot, the basic training really is the toughest part. Letters are nice, but there's nothing like actually having him with you. I'm sure that after BCT, he'll be more than ready to start dating you "officially" again. The time away definitely seems to make them more affectionate and realize how much they're really missing.

I can totally relate to your story. Me & my guy were high school sweethearts as well. We started dating in 8th grd, had problems and last year i broke up with him after 4 1/2 years. After 4 months we started talking again until October but in Novemeber we started talking again and have been ever since. He leaves for Ft.Benning Tuesday and we are not offcially together but we act like it lol. He doesn't want a girlfriend while he's gone which i can understand. He's the only guy i know and I really do want to marry him. This will be the biggest step we will conquer and i appreciate having someone i can relate about being young and having a concern. =)