He Hasn't Even Left Yet And It's Scary..

He's going to find out when he is going to leave for basic within the next few days,
It's scary thought. I knew this was going to have to come, we've talked about it a million times,
and it's not getting easier...I am trying to be strong for him.
I want him to know that I'm strong enough to wait for him.
Even though I get emotional about it, I know I'm able to be strong enough to go through this.
I believe that we can make it through. I'm just scared.
There are so many options, and I hate not being able to tell the future.
I want to know that he'll make it, and that we can have a life together.
Even if it's not a 'normal' relationship, I want him in my life.
The nights are getting longer, because I know the day will have to come when I say goodbye
and my daily life will change majorly..

Castlebaum Castlebaum
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My boyfriend leaves June 28 so we dont have long! I cant imagine not being able to say goodnight to him every night! I will get used to it cause i cant imagine life without him in it. I am only 16 and he is 18. He is my world! I will write him and i will be right here waiting for him when he comes home! When i read this i cried cause it is exactly how i feel!

Aww, <3 It gets better, I promise!
He's out of basic training and AIT now,
we are married! a lot has changed!
If you need ANY thing or have any questions you can always message me.

I'm 18, So, I can relate..<3
I wish you so much luck!

I plan to. <3 thank you all so much.<br />
I found out he is leaving on Valentines day.<br />
ah..<br />
I'll post more soon.

the key to basic is to stay busy and not dwell on it alot. the best times are when you get a new letter or when/if you get an amazing 5 min phone call. :) and the worse times are when you're all alone without friends or anyone around you to distract you. basic really is the hardest on a relationship because you go from having them around all the time and always talking to... nothing. and its hard to get used to. but you'll make it through. :) try to write him as much as you can though. i wrote my bf every night and mailed it every morning. it really helped me because i would just tell him about my day and stuff and so it sorta made me feel like he was still with me because he knew what i was doing and everything. oh, also piece of advice, number your letters, or date them. because they can sometimes come out of order, and you'll also want that for later on when you look back on them. ok, well if you need anything i'm here k, just hit me up. :) i've been in your shoes and its hard, but you'll get though and be ok, and so will he. :) good luck

Thank you. &I hope it does go by quickly. <br />
I don't really know anyone that has been in the Army, <br />
I'm only 17, I've known this boy since I was 12. <br />
Letters are the one thing we know we'll have to look forward to(:<br />
Sometimes are harder than other. I have two different modes of "Army Thoughts"<br />
(He really wants to do this; we can make it) & (He's leaving.)<br />
It's all about to set in motion. Gah...My mind just goes on and on about it.<br />
Sorry. aha.

You won't even need to worry! Basic Training is really the hardest part with every relationship. My soldier has been at Ft. Benning for his training, the letters don't make up for his being gone, but it makes things easier. ou have nothing to worry about! It'll all go by quickly!