Not Getting My Hopes Up..

ive just now learned i need to stop getting my hopes up with this army thing. every time he tells me hes putting in for leave i get all excited to see him, and then of course, he never can come home. tomorrow is our two months...and ive seen him 8 days out of about 60. i feel that cant be much of a relationship ya know? and no one understands they just tell me im being negative, but it just so hard cause hes leaving to deploy for a year in may, and the whole month of march hes going to louisiana for training for his deployment. which is good i want him to be trained the best he can, but its just so difficult. i dont know, i just needed to write i guess, sometimes helps to get it all out. im just worried because weve seen each other very little, we dont love each other, and when he leaves its like we dont have a very strong foundation to go off of. im doing my best to be positive about it though. anyways, just needed to get this off my mind i guess.
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army relationships are hard, but well worth all the painstaking times. I understand your pain when you say you haven't had much time with ur soldier. I believe I have had a total of 17 days with my husband in the first year of our marriage, and limited contact during the deployment. I won't lie and say it's been easy and that I never complained, but it has brought us to a point of unbelievable strength in our marriage. Enjoy your phones calls, be there for him, and remember the time does pass. Be strong!

I am 43 and my bf is 44 and the experance is the same. I haven't seen him or heard his voice in over 7 months. Our e-mails are at least 1 a week if I am lucky. It drives me crazy when it hits the 2 week period. But his e-mails keep me going from day to day. I send him something almost every day I even learned how to e-mail voice messages to him. Of course I never truly get the answers to the questions I ask. So now I just tell him that I love him and I am thinking about him. I dont know how you all go through years of this this is the hardest relationship I have ever been in. But I love him with all my heart and soul and I keep reminding myself that this is not a normal relationship and he will write as soon as he can. It is hard no matter our age or lifes experances. We just have to be strong for them and be here for them when they come home. I thank God every day for bringing him into my life. And I pray for his safe return back into my life and into my arms. God Bless them all and bring them all back home safe and sound.

thank you both! yes when he calls i get happy lol, and i know im luckier than a lot cause i do get to talk to him at least an hour every day since he isnt deployed yet. it just gets tough sometimes (obviously though right? haha) just gotta learn to be patient, like you two said, i believe it is definitely worth the wait! thank you :)

Its hard hun but dont give up..he needs you to be strong for him. The waiting is worth it, I promise.