First Deployment And Care Packages?

So my fiance just left for Iraq on Sunday... He was stationed at fort hood in Texas so I flew down there over the weekend to spend a little time with him before he left and to say goodbye. He just got his orders last Friday to deploy that Sunday so it was extremely short notice and neither of us were ready for it. This is his first deployment so I'm not really sure what to expect. The day we said goodbye and watching him get on the bus was extremely hard and I have been really emotional these last couple days. But I'm trying to just focus on school and he also wanted me to start sending him letters and packages right away so I have been trying to focus on that as well. I was making a list of what to send him in his first package and I was hoping some of you guys could help me out. For those of you that have or have had a deployed soldier, what do they like in their packages? Do they have access to places to buy the hygiene stuff like razors, shampoo, soap, etc? Or do we need to send that stuff to them? If any of you have any suggestions that would be great. I hope everyone is doing well :)
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wow thats so funny my bf was also stationed n fort hood, tx and got deployd to iraq so i totally understand what ur goin threw so if u ever need sumone to talk to im here :) and i have no idea what to send n a care package either and he wudnt tell me nething he wanted so idk :/

Honestly my bestfriend always asked for any kind of food. Like crackers, granola bars, ya know simple things like that. My bf doesnt deploy for a few more months but I already have stuff put away to send him. Ok so for example the last care package I sent my bff she recieved (mind you this is 2 hours after a day surgery doped up on pain meds and such) pin the tail on the donkey, a package of like hackey sack balls, cookies, chips, blue finger nail palish(her fav thing), gum, gatorade drink mix, crystal light drink mix, ice tea drink mix, some other lil birthday party favors...I have no clue why they took my down the birthday isle shopping for her but they had enough to have a party. they wrote me and all thanked me bc it was actually someones birthday and they had a blast having a mini birthday party.<br />
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But i would recomend snack foods, reading material BABY WIPES/Sanitary wipes, gatorade drink mix which comes in individual packages for bottles, stuff like that. no matter what you send it will be appreciated.

My boyfriend is always talking about how they receive a lot of random care packages from different organizations and what not, that will send a lot of those things. He's in Afghanistan, but he can buy most of those things there. So far, in regards to personal hygiene stuff, I've sent him his favorite shaving cream :P But most of the care packages I've sent, I'll put goodies in there that I know he can't get over there. Like fudge poptarts, and monstrous bags of tootsie rolls and pops. I send him some of his favorite magazines, and books. Considering they don't have tv over there, he tends to read a lot when the internet goes out. But also, if your bf has a laptop, you can get him dvd's or computer games, if he's into that stuff. Try sending stuff that can keep him preoccupied in his off time. Also, send pictures of you and him together, and send a random love letter here and there (if your bf is the corny lovey-dovey type, like mine. haha). If you need any help or more suggestions, I'd be happy to oblige! Goodluck, and I hope things are going well with you :)

I randomly read this particular story. And I'm glad I did. Your comment REALLY helped me. It's not his first deployment it's just my first time being his girlfriend while he's on one. So your comment was very beneficial

Well I am very glad I could help! I didn't seek much help, at first, when I was sending him care packages. So the first couple were not the best packages in the world. But as it got further into his deployment, I got more creative with his care packages. I would send him themed packages during the holidays. I did one for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's day. I have to say, those were my favorite ones to put together! He wasn't so happy about little heart confetti getting all over the floor in his room when he opened the V-Day package, but he loved the package nonetheless. :P Good luck with yours, I'm sure he will love and appreciate anything you send to him!!