He's Been Home For A Week Now!

just wanted to update, my husband has been home from his deployment for a week now!  it was AMAZING to attend the homecoming ceremony and see my baby get off that plane and finally be home.  I can't even describe the utter happiness I have when I get to see him everyday.  This last year was hard, but soooo worth it as soon as he kissed me and held me :)  Happy homecoming RAKKASANS!! And, I hope all your deployed men get through their deployment safe and sound.  Take care!!

p.s. oh yea, and we got a puppy and she completes our little family :)
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2011

congrats!! Enjoy your time with your husband! :)

congrats im so excited for you!!!!

IM so glad to hear your love s home for good. I cant wait to get to that day when its my loves homecoming. We will be facing our 1st deployment at some point this fall. He has his drill & SRP this weekend....so im unsure when he will get his actually orders for deployment....but the sooner we know the better for us.....<br />
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so happ for you hun.