Living Together After Basic...

My boyfriend is currently 2 weeks into his BCT at Fort Knox, KY. In his latest letter he said how much he wants me to live with him wherever he is stationed after AIT. I love him so much and of course would love to follow him and be with him. But I know as a girlfriend you can't live on base. I was just wondering if anyone had/has a similar situation and could give me some advice! I just don't know how it would work.
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me and my husband had the same problem and he took basic in Ft Knox, KY as well. except he was getting stationed in Germany instead of Texas like he was originally. if its overseas u have to be married. if u are serious that wont be a problem :) back state side u can get a apartment outside ba<x>se and he be allowed to live with ya. good luck!!!! :)

thank you so much for your advice!

When I met my fiance I had no idea that he wanted to go in the army but when he told me I could've ran from him, I could've ended the relationship but I stayed because I love him. When he came back from basic training to visit for the holidays we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our live together even if we wont always be together so he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! So if you two are serious about this relationship and want to be together then go for it and get married so you can be with him but think about if this is right for the both of you because its serious and its very hard.