I have awhile before I see my man again. The Army has him for 3 and me 1 so far for this year. The nights are kinda lonely. I stay busy through out my day taking care of my new baby cousin along with his mom...but the nights are kinda blah. I swake up alone and go to sleep alone untill he comes back from training next month. I love him & i know this is all worth it. I cant wait for him to come home so we make our engagement offical and book our venue for the wedding. This is a small taste of what a deployment is going to feel like...and speaking of deployment it looks as if that may be happening in Jan (premob) instead of Sept or Oct, which will in turn give us more time to adjust to being married. I cant wait to be his wife, yet I know this deployment is going to be hard....but our faith & love will get us through. I hope you ladies are doing ok. Im not really use to being away from him for weeks at a time....but i guess this is preparing me for the premobolization which is 3 months :( Im adjusting ok so far....still have about a month to go before i see my soldiers face again. We have used Oovoo & skype a few times... but the Wi-Fi where his hotel is....SUCKS....so its mainly a few texts and calls through the week....we talk more frequent on the weekend. On a good note though I finally found my bridesmaid dresses....& Greg will hopefully be mailing off my gift he got me this weekend im hoping. Im just hoping time goes a little faster.
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im doing some small wedding stuff...but i cant wait til march..so we can really get the ball rolling.

Aww exciting you get to plan a wedding and get more time with him such great news :) You have a good project to keep you bnusy till he gets home