Today Was A Good Day....

for the first time since he left I was able to talk to him. I never realized how much a phone call could mean so much until he left. It lasted about 5 minutes but he was sure to tell me that he was now bald and felt naked. :) His mom texted me before hand to make sure I had my phone close by. Afterwards his sister and I have been texting since I got off the phone and she said exactly wat I was thinking; that getting a phone call from him was the best present she could ever ask for (she is really close to her big brother and looks up to him). Tonight I will definitely sleep better having talked to my baby. :)
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I got three calls from him while my soldier was in reception. they were so amazing to get and loved all 3 or 4 mins worth of them. after the first call, i cried after we got off the phone. they were happy tears tho bc it meant so much just to hear his voice. i remember he asked what ive been up to andi drew a blank haha! i was so excited to hear his voice that i couldnt even say half of the things ive been waiting to tell him. <br />
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i havent heard from him since last wednesday. he started boot on friday, 2/25, so i know itll be a little while til i get a phone call again. i did get a letter monday and it was from when he was still in reception so nothing new from boot yet. his mom got a short letter from him today about how hes doing ok in basic and had his mailing address. so i hope i get one tomorrow bc his fam gets their mail ab a day before me(We live about an hour or so apart). but either way, im happy i have his address now. I am sending him 3 letters tomorrow!

I do treasure it the happiness from it extended into today and everyone was surprised to see me so happy since I've upset since he left

have to agree... that 5 min phone call is amazing! treasure that phone call while hes gone. then next you hear from him is going to be even better =]

Isnt it amazing how one 5 minutes (and trust me the 32second ones are just as good ) phone call lights up your whole world!! Any time I hear from my soldier its the most amazing feeling :)