Being An Army Girlfriend Is My Superpower

Hello my name is Samantha I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 21 i know that's kind of a big difference but we are in love and almost been dating for a year. He deployed to Kosovo January 5th the day of his birthday which was very hard. He came back Feb 4th just for 4 days it felt like those 4 days went so fast. It was very hard when he had to leave again cause i was use to seeing him. We skype everyday and we try to text during the day but he doesn't really have time and oh the time difference is 6 hours so hes going to bed and I'm still up for another 8 hours without talking to him which at night is the worst cause I'm all alone and i just think of all the bad things that could happen. Hes not in the fighting area but he said he could be moved to Libya which threes so much things happening over there i don't know what i would do if that would happen. But i always look at the bright side he comes home again July 1st for 3 weeks but he said there going to shorten it to 10 days which really upset me. He comes home for good sometime in December it feels so far away and when i see couples together and i hear those sad country songs about love it makes me want to cry but that's another thing i cant do cause no one really understands me, like my friends and family. They don't know how much it hurts to have your loved one who made you happy and smile everyday to them being gone and not being able to talk much or touch and kiss each other, so i really have no one to talk to. I talked to him today for a total of 2 hours not even that its really hard but I'm gonna wait and i promised him that.  H H   
samijo21 samijo21
18-21, F
Apr 1, 2011