This Guy Knows What Hes Talking About...

this  guy made this video and it just helps me alot.... thought you gals would like it too. h really gets what we go through for our man..!/video/video.php?v=1441460609926 
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he has more videos on youtube so be sure to check them out<br />
but he really is amazing, .. i watched all his videos in one night, i just can’t get enough...For some reason they just help ease this process for me, he answers certain questions we may have and the best part is when he tells us army wives and girlfriends what a great job we do, it is just nice to hear someone who was in the same position say it.... i also love when he critiques the soldiers, for example when he tell them to write something in the cad or post something on our walls once in a while, he is just too funny...

i love this guy too! yeah even though my man is a soldier too his videos really got to me. i still watch thi video when i need a pick me up and it still makes me tear up. if something else is bringing me down ill sit for hours just watching his videos and laugh.... all the things he says in this video are true...he points it out, and i thank him for it.

I watched this video forever ago, and still watch it to this day. It always makes me smile, and almost brings a tear to my eye to actually hear some of those things out loud. Just when you think some people don't fully appreciate or understand what you do and go through.. this guy is great! :)

this guys is awesome! i love his videos!

I love this guy! I sat around and watched all his videos for two days. While my boyfriend is army and not air force his advice and question answering helped answer some of the questions and calmed me down.