Im A New Army Gf!!!!

im typhaniee... and i just recently started dating aubrey and hes in the army we been together a month almost and i already experenced him being away alot for training and i dont really know what to expect so i would hope someone will talk to me and give me advice when i need it cause ill need it... =] like i really need advice on how to deal with this cause im lost and no one else understands how im feeling or going thru so i hope someone will help thx... lol =]
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2 Responses Apr 2, 2011

ive actually figured its better if i stay busy an he knows i do and thats what ppl are tellin me thanks for the comment!!! =]

it sucks; just stay strong and stay busy. <br />
make sure he knows you support him no matter what. <br />
it's not gonna be easy.