Going Away

Being with a military man, takes a special kind of woman. One that is strong, and tough enough to hold things down and take care of things while her man is away. When he's away, even if everything is falling apart, we have to put on the "I've got this" act and pray to God that things will fall in line. One thing I really believe is that, when he is away, it’s not wise to let him know of minor things that go wrong, because then it causes him to get off focus and his mind won't be where it should be. Just remember: If it's something you can take care of, just do it and don't worry him with every little thing. You have to be strong, in my case, ARMY STRONG
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3 Responses Apr 22, 2011

Thank you. Being an army or military gf/spouse does take a very special type of woman. I miss him so much when he's gone and just know that I was chosen to be a gf to such an amazing, special man. God bless the troops and stay ARMY STRONG.

You are exactly right! I was so proud of my wife when I deployed the first time. Back then we only had one kid. But she was able to juggle taking care of the house, our daughter and going to school.<br />
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You have to be a strong and independent woman. I always worry about my family when I am gone. But I think that is normal. I know I will be ok, we'll I don't know but I am more worried about them than I am me.<br />
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Loved this post, you got it exactly right!

Love this!