My Mom Says It Won't Work Out...

Omfg now mom pissed me off...she asked when my soldier was gettin his license back because he got too many speeding tickets before he deployed the last time so now he has to take a defensive driving course to get them back n i said idk i didnt ask him..n she said what do y talk about? I didnt answer n she said well i dont think its gonna work out..I honestly don't know what her problem is saying this **** about my relationship as she has done em all when she doesnt know the guy     
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2 Responses May 12, 2011

yea i kinda think that is it...she is jealous that im happy and she is having marital problems

maybe she is just jealous that you have someone or she doent really know what to say about him cause she deoent know him so she just said something to start a convo.<br />
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hang in there