A New Beginning :-)

I started my experience on this site on a negative note so I deleted it and decided to start all over so here I go again...deep I am in "like" with a soldier to be who is currently in basic at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri since April 4th. He and I met in February while on a caribbean cruise and have kept in touch ever since. We live in different states so I was somewhat skeptical about getting close to him but I really like him alot and I may possibly love him *blushes* We have been writing back and forth to each other and I have even sent him a few care packages to help him get through basic. This has been such an emotional yet exciting 2 months for me since we haven't seen each other since March, all we ever talk about is how much we can't wait to be together and spend quality time. I stay by my phone every Sunday waiting for his call and the chance to hear his voice again. We aren't "official" yet but I don't doubt that it will happen soon :-) although I am a tad weary about long distant relationships. I'm so happy to have found this site and I look forward to connecting with as many of you ladies as possible. I will continue to update and share my journey with you all as well as spread positivity as I hope you will too. Any advice anyone would like to give is also very much appreciated!
ndlove ndlove 26-30, F May 12, 2011

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