The Good And The Bad...

Well, since I last wrote, I believe that I have gotten ENGAGED! 
Planning the wedding, hope to have it done before July when he gets out of basic.
so, a simple, but lovely wedding, hopefully.

Well, that's the good.
Stressful, but good!

The bad..

He has a splint in his shin and something wrong with his leg,
meaning he isn't doing so well in PT, they sent him to the hospital and now he is on Profile.
It's making him really depressed, he is in AIT, and his phone calls are longer, but he keeps 
saying how bad he feels, letting me and himself down.
The "Baby, it will be okay no matter what"'s don't seem to be working anymore...
I'm doing the best I can to motivate him, to support him...

I don't know what to do anymore, for a really long time I was doing perfectly fine.
I missed him, but I was handleing it. Now, I'm getting back into restless nights, and days filled with sappy love songs
and cuddling with my blankets. I graduted last Saturday,  I don't have school to keep me busy anymore.
It's just hard knowing that he is going through SO much, and I cant do anything but send him letters...

It's all worth it though. At the end of every tearful night, I tell myself that it's worth it. That one day, (51 days) he will be back in my arms again.
He's more than amazing, and even though I'm jealous of every couple i see here, i know I'm a million times more lucky because I have him...

Just a bit of Random Venting 
Thanks EP!
xo- Rachael
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3 Responses May 17, 2011

Congrats on the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!! try to keep busy with the planning and hope the days fly by for you.

Thank you both! And Congrats, Tink! <3

CONGRATS on the engagement , as far as everything else it will get better in time , Im sure your bf is determined to get better for you and for himself ,keep encouraging him above all else because he needs that most your undivided support. Try and skip the sappy love songs they just make you feel 10x worseeeee lol and stick to planning your beautiful wedding keep your head up and msg if you ever need to talk