Ft. Bragg, Nc ?!

Well, My Soldier is still in AIT, though, on the 18th, we found out he will be stationed at 
Ft. Bragg! Well, I should say we, because we are getting married before he leaves(:

I'm very nervous, because I don't know what to expect. I don't know anything about an Army Post, or how it works.
I'm not going to know anyone except my husband! I'm excited but nervous all at the same time. Though, I'm really happy about the location of the place,
only 11 hours and 55 minutes away from home, (it could be A LOT worse, So, I'm happy)

Can anyone tell me how on post living works?! I'm clueless and scared!

Rachael! <3

ps. there are tornadoes in Ft. Leonard Wood area, and I'm freaking out, watching the news<3
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Well, I know about DEERS and all the procedures for us getting married and what not.<br />
I have not done much research on things off post from there, so thank you! It did help! So Thank you much!

Well, I'm not there yet, but my Fiance is also to be stationed there.<br />
After you two are married he'll have to enroll you in DEERS to enable you to get his medical insurance. You'll have to get your ID and his orders will need to be amended to include you so you can move with him. If he doesn't, there's no way you can go. He'll need to present your marriage certificate as proof of the union. I've looked online and it's a large ba<x>se. There're two PXs and there are many privatized housing developments with waiting lists that're pretty long (you can look them up). Depending on his rank is the kind of home you're entitled to. I'm going to be frank with you. From what I've seen, the city outside of the post is crime ridden and well. Not good. Many of the establishments are blacklisted and the Off Limits list on the Ft. Bragg website is long. There are many support networks on post as well as things to do. The beach is nearby and on post there are activities that the army sponsors to help you meet other spouses. <br />
I hope this helps, I didn't mean to write so much haha.