Really I Dont Know Where We Even Stand..

well me and my soldier broke up last week for the smallest thing ever over FB..he called it off i was so upset because i wasnt doing anything wrong and we havent talked since then till today that he messaged me on our chattin site where we met and he was mad and told me that he doesnt want me moving on cause he still has feelings for me and that he misses me but im soo confused cause he called it off for a dumb reason and yet when i tried explainin he hanged up on me with my words in my mouth and today he was lettin me know he wants to work things out . but like i told him I dont know where me and you even stand so i would love to work things out and i know i still love him and i would wait and stand by his side but im in a position where im just lettin things fall in its place and if we are meant to b together only time would tell .. i miss him very much and i wished he was here hes been gone for a year hes been a soldier since he was 18yrs old now hes 24 i miss him like crazy!!!!
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thanks girls

@tigergalcc its ok im not that good either sometimes on my spelling...

@ lovingmysoldier well hes been gone for a yr

my boyrfriend has the same ting to me once before. its when he really wants to talk but cant find the words for it or doesnt want me upset. so i would listen to him but thats my opion and its your choice on how you react to his comments. me and my boyfriend still are working on it because when he getslike this he will go silcent and be in a bad mood. so i would just listenand try to understand even though you are hurting. sorry im a horrible speller

I'm sorry that this happened to you but, I've got a question. He said he's been deployed for a few years??