Care Packages During Ait

Hey ladies, long time chat. My man has been at his AIT base for four weeks and has yet to start class. He is getting restless and bored since he hasn't started classes yet. I want to send him something to brighten his day, but when I asked him what restrictions there are with packages during basic his every so helpful answer was "idk"- thanks boo haha. I am hoping for suggestions and information on this! Thanks ladies!
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there were less restrictions when my bf was in AIT. <br />
but it really depends on what post he's at and what his MOS is.

Lol there are a lot of restrictions I just looked things up online (my package went to Afghanistan so there are a lot more restrictions), I just sent my guy a hat with his favorite sports team that happens to match his uniform, decks of cards, a frisbee, lots of hard candy (I wasn't sure what his favorite was so I just sent pretty much all of them, any he/she doesn't eat will be passed out most likely to friends) Sports Illustrated magazines lol I did swim edition and his favorite sports team, then I found this super strange foam stress ball thing at Walgreens one day he said that was one of his favorite things just because it was so strange lol, and when you write him letters you should spray the note with your perfume on it if they are not allergic to scents :) I hope this helped somewhat!