Family Day/graduation Do's & Don't's

I'm so excited to see my husband, his graduation day and family day is on august 10-11. I want to know as much information as possible and be much prepared. So for those of you who have gone through a family day and/or graduation, what were the DO's and Don't's?

Also, can he come home after his graduation which is august 11, when his AIT starts on the 15th? If i offer to drive him to his AIT, or do they all need to travel together to AIT? 
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Sometimes they have to stay on post. For my fiance's family day, he got to go off ba<x>se for the weekend, and for his graduation, since his AIT is connected with it, he can come home right away, so make sure to find all of that out! I do agree that you shuold not run around topless and be rude! haha.

As far as Do and Donts go, just common sense. Dont run around topless and dont be rude lol.<br />
And he has to stay on post, the army flies/buses him where ever he needs to go. So he can't go home with you.<br />
My fiance graduated and had AIT the following week but he had to stay on post to pack things up and get ready to leave. They'll get there a bit earlier for inprocessing.<br />
<br />
He'll have free time though, Family day and after graduation :]

Family day DOs, surprise him with his favorite candy.. haha, Alex was THRILLED.