Fourth Of July

Okay so this Fourth of July has been super hard to deal with. From all these military tributes and prayers ontop of already missing Brandon like crazy is really taking a toll on me.

I have spent a lot of time with his parents as usual, and they help but at the same time my body and heart physically aches to be near him. He is my everything and being over 7,000 miles away from him is killing me. I just want to break down and cry everytime that I think about him or the way he smells or the sound of his voice. I am super excited for him to come home though we are going to have professional pictures done of us with him wearing his camo. Plus he will propose on his 2 weeks home or so he has me thinking lol...which his mom took me to look at rings the other day so I really think he will propose now.

But I do ache to be in his arms. he is everything to me and I dont ever want that to change. I wont let it change. He is my soldier, my hero, my boyfriend, my life!

I love him!!

I am a proud Army Girlfriend
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4 Responses Jul 3, 2011

it's not corny at all. keith gave me his tshirt and cologne when he found out about deployment. <br />
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we definitely do girl!! hooah

I honestly dont know where the strength comes from but I am trying to stay as strong as I can. I barley get to talk to him now that he is over seas but when I do whether it be through a text or a phone call I cherish every second I get to talk to him. I have a t-shirt of Brandons that still has his cologne on it and I sleep with it and it helps me feel closer to him as corny as that sounds. His parents help a lot! <br />
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We have to stay strong for them though. HOOAH!

im trying not to think about keith leaving but im already feeling it! be strong girl, you always got me and these other lovely ladies to talk to! hooah!!!

i too feel your pain. my soldier just left back to iraq after the best 15 day R&R. i hear his voice in our house. smell him on the pillows. i think of him each time i see an American flag... which there are alot around. we have to be their support but where do we get that strength from?