Second Deployment...trying To Cope....

My soldier deployed to Iraq  2 days ago & I've been numb since then. He called & texted me while he was in Kuwait so I was all smiles but now he's unable to contact me & it is killing me. This is our first deployment as a couple, during his first tour we were just friends but even then I took it hard. I know its only been two days but im already BLAH about this deployment . Our 2 kids of course keep me busy & the fact that our 8 month old son is a spitting image of him really helps with missing him. I can hear his voice now..."Baby y are u online pouting to this women....Man up Punk!" He's so silly & I miss him soo much already. Whew..... a year in Iraq. Maybe the time will feel shorter if i just countdown til R&R..... Signed Impatiently Waiting. I send my prayers to the soldiers & their families.
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@yovis1021 I cant wait until im able to send my soldier packages, i know that'll make me feel better also. I talked to him today & he told me not to countdown bcus time is flying & he'll be home soon, I feel so much better. I will msg you & you are more than welcome to do the same

Thanks! Ik, its hard still. And i think he will be gone the first time for 14 months. And then home for 2 weeks back again for 12 and then home for 2 weeks but back again for 10. Then he should be done with this contract! But im hoping them 3 years go back extremly fast!

@ HISsweethear1709 Those 2 weeks before his deployment will be the best time ever, cherish every moment of it bcus our soldiers are away for awhile. Take plenty of pics of him & of u guys together so that u have something to look @ daily.

I could hear my boyfriend say the same also or just say "relax and send me some cookies" my boyfriend been in afghanistan since last october it was super hard and lonely and it still is but try to keep busy im sure ur kids keep u busy ... helps me to look forward to hearing from him this week or sending him something and hearing that he recieved it ... i try not to think of all the months that are left so see him... hang in there girl my prayers go to ur soldier and your family, dont hesitate to msg me if u wanna talk.

I could hear my bf saying that too! Lol, mines still in basics but he will only be home for 2 weeks then he gets deployed. But its only been a week and it still hurts! But your lucky you have kids with him so they remind you about him! I got nothing but his sweetshirt and a picture from his mom! Im trying to stay busy by figuring out school but i find myself ending up on facebook looking at his pictures. Its hard for me too, plus im young and got the parents that put more stress on me :/