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Heyy girls..Last year after two years of being together and dealing with the army life my army guy and I broke up..he moved in with a house full of girls and then decided to start telling me all of these lies..after that everything started to fall apart little by little..I am now in a happy relationship with some one else...i haven't been on in awhile and i loved catching up reading everyone stories...even though i am not dating an army man i do need some boyfriend and i are going through hard times..he can not let go of my past and he is older then i am by a year but he is legal to go out when i am not so it is making things difficult..i want him to be happy but i want this relationship to work..any ideas? And any help or if you need anyone to talk to I am always here
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The hard part is not that he can out and you cant because that shouldn't be a problem unless he is always doing it. But the problem is if he cant let go of the past. I was in a relationship with the same situation. Its hard for a relationship to grow if your holding on to the past. But also there are those types of guys that just cant forget. You have to find out if he can honestly forget, if he cant then youll find yourself arguing about senseless things. good luck!

I am just wondering how u had the energy to go and say good bye to him. I have no idea how I am going to be able to do this on Monday. Any advice?