Is Ait Like College?

Someone told me that AIT is like college, as in like partying wise. Is that true? He said that they have more free time. They go to clubs and ***** clubs on the weekends and party? He also told me, he saw a lot of girls getting pregnant there also...

Has anyone's boyfriend/husband/son gone through AIT, and tell me if any on this is true?
IamySelf IamySelf
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2011

Oh thank GOD! Thank you guys so much!i was really stressing about this, not cause i dont trust him but i dont trust the single fun partying guys he'll be friends with and the girls over there.

That's not true..... My boyfriend is in Ait, but he's not allowed to go off ba<x>se... AIT is like basic, they have strict rules yet... he has more free time, he could use cell phone, internet... but they're not allowed to do those things...

honestly, my boyfriend hasnt gone to ait yet, but i highly doubt its like that because i dont think your allowed to go off ba<x>se during ait because its still a part of "basic" and they still have some pretty strict rules, i know they get more free time to call and are allowed internet and such but im sure it isnt that much like civilian life and on ba<x>se they sure as heck dont have **** like that, or at least i hope they wouldnt, that would be stupid. ha.