Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

oh man, where to start.
in short, i might have the opportunity to move in with my soldier who lives 1269 miles away from me!

ok, so here's the story. I am entering my senior year at college, but can't afford to go back this semester, thank you private university. So now, i'm looking at getting some gen eds out of the way via online classes. Which means, i'll be home. but being at home with my parents longer than 3 months will drive me crazy. My soldier lives in Louisiana.  him and i talked, and now there's a very real possibility of me going to live with him. I'll still technically be in school. so I'll eventually get my degree. His parents love me, so naturally they''ll be on board with it. My parents like him, but not the idea of me going there. they think it'll be the dumbest mistake ever. they are very close minded. I know i will be unhappy without him. Although I'm  terrified of making this decision, I really want to be with him. But i hate making anyone unhappy, especially my parents, and I will sacrifice my own happiness as long as i don't disappoint. not sure what I should do. well, I know what i want to do, but can't seem to bring myself to hurt my parents at all.... any advice on how to help us see eye to eye???

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I definitely know where your coming from, my souldier is in afghan right now and we talked about me moving to alaska with him when he gets back from his deployment, my parents were definitely not supportive of that not matter how much they love him just like what you're saying. The only way i could live with my guy though is if we got married and we're not quite ready for that, otherwise i would do it. I say you should do it, the more time you get to spend with your soldier the better. If you can still go to school and be with your guy i think thats a win win and i would definitely go for it. Youre parents will eventually warm up to it, they just want you to be happy at the end of the day no matter how they feel about it, and when your happy they're happy.

Follow your heart. You can always change your mind, and nothing is permanent. That's coming from a girl who moved across the country to live with her mom, then moved across the country in another direction to be closer to a soldier before his deployment. It might be stupid, but if everything works out then it's worth it. Fate has a weird way of working things out. You'll never know unless you try.

Hunny this is one of those times where you need to just do what makes YOU happy. You will not be able to please everyone all the time. If it turns out to be a mistake you will have, at least, learned a lesson. Good luck! :)

i'm in the same situation!! i live in Ohio and my hubby wants me to move to Korea with himm!! but my parents are being 100% supportive, i just graduated high school and will be goign to a community college in the fall.. i have a lot of decisions to make!