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My boyfriend and I have known each other for two years now, but have been dating for about 7 months. There is nobody in this world that could understand me like he does, or be the best friend a girl could ever have. He currently is in Georgia (across the nation from me) at basic training. I've gotten 7 letters from him but no return address. Today, I finally got the address. I want time to hurry up, and I want to see him! I don't think I will be able to handle not seeing him again, so how do I really tell him I want to move where ever he is stationed? We have talked about it, and he says he wants to marry me, but I don't want to be one of those couples that just marry so the significant other can just live on base with them. I want marriage unexpected, and him down on one knee kinda thing. I'm really new to this website, and I have no flippin' idea why my pictures aren't uploading. So please be open and send a message or something if you are an army girlfriend. I have no military gf friends, so when I wanna vent they have no idea how i actually feel. :)
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so how is it going <br />
he must be in 2nd week of training and hard at it<br />
wish u both the best

This guy basically said it all, just have a straight forward, grownup conversation about it. Tell him you can wait for marriage, if he starts talking about it do what I did; he asked me when I was going to marry him, I said when you are serious about asking me. He then told me he would ask me when he gets back from this deployment. He knows we are going to do this the right way, because we talked it all out, and thats what you should do. Tell him youd like to move, talk to him about finding a place. I think he does have to be a higher rank, or married to live off post though, and you cant live on post without being married to him. So figure out all your options and best of luck. <br />
Also remember there will be deployments that you will have to be apart for and theyre going to be at least 9 months, most without R&R, so there is a lot of waiting in this type of relationship.

yes u did figuer out how to add a pictuer lol<br />
hey stay strong and hang in there and all will be ok very soon<br />
the time will pass quick as long as u keep in touch with him<br />
in a week or so DS will alow the soldiers to use the phone so he will call u and make sure u know he is ok, then they will get busy and in a wink he will greaduate and u can go to his graduation, after that it is permenent station time. and u can move in and be with him and in his arms again<br />
we are all here for u so u can ask.

Of course any time. I love being some sort of help

I don't mind reading a lot! Thank you SO much for your advice, and thanks for lending a helping hand. I really appreciate it :)

Hey hun! My boyfriends been in the army national guardfor three years. I'm lucky enough that in the nqtional guard they are home but have to report to training. Befote him I dated a marine anf jt taught me to grow up and how to be by myself although it was hard to do. Fortunately we brokr up and about two years later I fell in love with my now boyfriend. It never gets easy to let him go. He is my best friend and its hard talking about deployment. this site helps so much these girls got me through a lot so far and still haven't faced deployment yet. Don't ever hesitate to message any of us. Good luck girl! I'm always on here if you ever need anyone to talk to. Sorry for the storybook lol

I feel like I felt when I had a new soldier and I had to mentor and guide him lol … thank u for allowing me to help u in this hard time and again be proud that ur loved one is so brave and loyal

Well then thank you for your bravery and service :) And thank you for lending a helping hand!

I was in the army and spent many years doing it, it was a great fun and an experience that I will treasure tell the end of my life. I hope u will be ok and if u like u can ask me about anything in army life and I will be more than happy to help<br />
Be good

Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. I have informed him I was willing to drop everything here and move to where he is stationed, and pick it back up. He was more than down for it, but I want him to make sure i'm more than serious. I will make it 110% at his graduation in a few months. I take it you're in the Army?

I am not an army girlfriend but I was in the army (I am a man by the way)<br />
It is hard to have someone u care about so much away for so long but u need to learn to live with it, he will be deployed moved around and taking away from u many many times during his time in the army.<br />
What u need to do is tell him that u are willing to move with him to where ever he will be stationed at and then think about marriage, army life is hard but very self-rewarding, it takes a special person to be an army wife or girlfriend. God bless you both and always remember that all we do in the army is to serve our country.