The What If's...

So today began way less than great.. School was way worse than usual, i even reconsidered my
I got kinda upset because i hadn't heard from him all day.. but i understand how busy he is. But this was the first day i hadn't got even a simple good morning. And i am one of those people who literally stresses over every aspect of everything. So by around 5 o'clock i was beginning to worry some. I had rode over to see his mom and tell her Happy Birthday and she invited me to eat with them and her parents. So ofcourse i went, i'm really glad that his family loves me like their own. lol. We had a great night and finally i heard from Just so i was in a great mood... then it all came slowly crumbling down.
Having one person in the army is tough. but it just so happens that my boyfriend along with 3 of my other best friends all joined together. One of my best friends called me tonight to tell me that he volunteered to deploy back to Iraq. He literally just got back this summer from 12 months.. Yes, the fact that he was leaving again next month really upset me.. but my first thought was what if this was Justin? what if Justin was leaving right now. Or What if Justin gets stationed somewhere really far off? i know i shouldn't think about the "what ifs" because as all Army Girlfriends/Fiances/ and Wifes know we are basically just along for the ride. We really don't have much control over any of this.. and that is the part that scares me to death. I love him more than anything, and i would marry him in a heart beat.. but i can't help but wonder about things like him getting deployed or stationed somewhere else and how that would effect us. Although i hope it wouldn't at all! I text him and told him to call me and we talked for awhile. I told him my fears and he told me i had nothing to worry about with us. His words always make me feel better. :) then i got to be apart of a lovely conversation with him and his roommate for an hour. lol
All in all, i feel better about this some.. I just wanted to know how many of you worry about things like this? I stress out over EVERYTHING! so if anyone has a way of helping with this i would love to hear about it. (:
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I know how u feel and i worry about that stuff too but i just stop and remember that God is in control, and he will never put me thru anything that he knows I cant handle. And I also have friends in the military, two in the navy and one in the marines, my brother is in the air force, and now my boyfriend is in the army, so I know wat you are going thru. And if you ever need someone to talk to i'm always here.

Thank you very much for that. Things here latly have been beyond perfect with Justin. :) and just like you said if you ever need to talk i'm here. :)

Thank you so much for that. I try to stay positive, but like you said staying busy and talking to people on here really helps. If you ever need to talk or anything just let me know. :)

I think we all have our worries.....keeping a positive outlook and trying to stay busy helps me......I consider myself an optimist but sometimes the distance and missing him gets the best of me.....but being able to talk to my close friends and being a part of a group where everyone knows what Im going thru really helps....Like the other day I was really upset because I hadnt heard from my bf in 2weeks and I felt really petty about it because I know he is busy .....I couldnt sleep all night just thinking about him....So we are on a 16 hr difference so I decided I would txt him a really long msg letting him know how much I loved him, missed, about my fears and just reassured him that I wasnt going anywhere...... sometimes I feel I need the reassurance ......After that I felt much better just being able to tell him how I feel.......Later that night he txted me......I think distance make things a bit harder but doesnt make things impossible.....Love doesnt know distance......Just stay positive