<3 The Best Moment Of My Whole Life!! <3

 Last night was the best night of my entire life! i finally got to see Jon for the first time since he had to go back to base! and it was so wonderful! Tho he kinda started act a little weird when i brought up Christmas, He wouldn't tell all he said was i got you present and i asked him what that was cause he's been telling me he got me a present that was gonna make me happier then i ever been( which he was right) for like a week so i brought up the subject, i said " you know baby i think i might know what your getting me!"  which i kinda did he's been leave not so suddle hints! He said well what do you think it is? and i i sais its something a wear huh and he said yes, After maybe A Hour and A Half of guessing He finally told me it was two thing and they were small and he said if you guess ill tell you and so i guess the only t hing i could think of, "is it a ring?" i asked and he was silent and he Paused and said, Brooke i love you and i wanted to do this over Christmas but seeing as you kinda already know i have a question for you!, I was like whats that baby, " will you marry me?" i think my heart stop for a second, it truly did make me the happiest girl in the world, I said yes like a million times, and then he said i have another question and i dont wanna ask but i have to, i said what is baby, you can tell me anything, he saud you have to gve me your honest answer and i said ive never lied to you im gonna start now, he quicly got all nervous and Somewhat whispered abut was loud enough that i could here "since im in the military and i olny have so long home, whould you be okay if we just went to the court house and signed the papers and later ill give you a real wedding? I was shocked and happy and a whole bunch of emotions, " of course baby i just wanna be your wife, it doesnt matter were or when we fet married just as long as we do! He's going to purpose for real when he gets home and then were picking a day the first week he's homee and getting married! this is the first time ive actually be looking forward to Christmas! Then he'll leave and fill out all of the paper work so that i can move up there! I cant believe that all my dreams have come true, it was the best night of my whole life!!!!!!  i get be married to the love of my life and my best friend !
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Congratulations. :) That is so sweet, and i know you must be extremely excited. I wish you both the very best!