I Just Want My Boyfriend To Come Home:*(

Words can't even express how much I miss him. Ever since he left everything has fallen to pieces. No one at home understands. I've never felt a heartache like this ever before. I need him here to hold me and tell me everythings going to be okay. I just want to hear his voice. This is so hard. I just want to stop crying and be able to eat something and stop sleeping all the time. It feels like this will never end. Sometimes I feel selfish for feeling like this because he's there going through something worse and I'm here just missing him and moping around. I just want this to be over.
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Everything is going to be all right. And maybe no one at home understands you, but we do! We know how it feels to miss *him* terribly. Just be strong, you have to be strong for him. And if you ever need to talk, you know where to go :)

Thanks! I love having support from you guys<3

It's going to be really tough, but the best advice i can give you is just what everyone else has said find something to do with your time. When Justin left for Fort Leonard Wood i got my first job and ended up working over 80 hours every two weeks. I didn't have as much time to worry which was great for me. My two best girlfriends also insisted on taking me out for a "girls night" once a week where we would just get something to eat and talk. It always helped me clear my head and get everything depressing out so my letters could be happy sounding. Plus chances are there is nothing to worry about while he is there as far as worrying about his safety and such. They take pretty good care of everyone, and if anything serious happened they would notify you. My boyfriend is also in the reserves so i know exactly what you are going through. Like i've already said if you need anything don't hesitate to ask, and Keep your head up. Just keep writing letters and maybe you will get a call this weekend when he is leaving reception like i did. (thats how i got his address). and Justin had (or found? lol) time to write me everyday almost. So even though the time it takes to send and recieve letters sucks it was still nice to hear about every single day, and once letters start coming into you you will feel much better. The first week was the hardest because it is when you have to get use to your new lifestyle. Keep smiling, the time will fly. I promise. :)


It's normal to feel like this but you have to be strong. If you love him, you do have it in you. Get some hobbies, go to school or work, hang out with your friends. It's ok to not worry about him, distracting yourself so you don't freak out or mope around like a blob doesnt mean you don't care or miss him. <br />
You also have to understand that this is the type of job where he will be leaving a lot. He's going to be stationed wherever the army needs him (unless he's national guard or reserves) then there is deployment you have to deal with. So take this as a test, I'm sure you will find the strength to hold on, and be ok, and get through this. Feel free to read my stories, I occasionally have stupid worries I write about and also about his deployment. I really hope you feel better soon, but we are always here I hope you complain to us and not him. Write him letters as often as you can and realize it's going to be tougher for him to call and write but it will still be ok, I promise as long as you have the faith. Oh and I personally went to ft Leonardwood for my basic training, feel free to message me anytime.

Thank you so much. It helps. During basic when were you able to call and send letters? My soldier is in the reserves so I won't have to deal with that until he's done with school I guess. It's so hard to just get out of bed every day and go to school. I feel like the days are so long.

Ok reserves are a lot easier to deal with, still he may have to deploy, but you know he's coming home. How we did it was we got to call home once a week, Sundays we would write letters (and every chance we got) we would hand them to the designated person and he or she (one of each because they collect them in the barracks) would drop them in the mailbox on the way to the dfac. Every day besides Sunday while we polished our boots (I think boots are different now I had black ones with my bdus, acus have boots you dont polish, I digress, every night we had mail call and they would toss your mail at you. Back to the phone calls we had about 7-10 min and had to buy our own phone cards so it might be nice to buy him one and send it. I'm sure you know about reception being for a few days and at a different address. He should be able to send you one a bit after actually starting basic. I'm not sure what point you guys are at, but he'll be ther about 4 months. The days are long, but let yourself enjoy them, there isn't anything wrong with not worrying your *** off. And trust me your guy would rather read a letter filled with "I'm doing good, I spent the day with so and so and we did this" rather than one that just says "I dragged my butt out of bed for class and then cried the rest of the day" I don't mean that to be harsh, shoot I do that still every few weeks when I realize how long it's been since I've touched him and that it will be 200% longer til I can again. So it's ok to have a few days like that, but try to buck up. Do you k ow his address yet? It would be funny if he's where I was. It's a huge post but it's nice. Once he gets out orlf the red phase he will be much happier. And the "happy place" is a miserable place.

It's his last day of reception either today or tomorrow. He got there Monday night around 10. So you were able to write letters during the first week of red phase? and call home on Sunday? No I haven't gotten his address yet. He said he wouldn't know what it was until he got there. I've written 2 letters so far that are positive. But really I'm here and not okay. After this weekend I'm going to try and get myself together.

My boyfriend is reserve too, when did yours leave &amp; where is he located?

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