Okay So This Is Going To Be A Weird One

okay so this whole story is really confusing, but I don't know how well it will look typed up but here goes nothing. Um about a month and half ago I was with a Untied States Marine. I went through the 13 weeks of boot camp with him, and although we aren't together anymore, I would never regret it, I went down to his graduation and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, I still get chills thinking about it. But then when we came home for his ten days of leave, it took him 2 days to fall out of love with me, and fall in love with another girl...
Yeah that seems to be how my life has been going lately. So now here I am licking my wounds and getting back up on my feet I'm with an ex of mine from a few years ago, but its not the same I can't put myself out there and then this happens, I met this guy a few weeks ago and he is really sweet and treats me great, we're just friends though, but he is going into the army, he leaves in april, unless like most they change the date to an earlier time. And I am afraid beyond my wits. I don't want to go through the same thing again, I am afraid that I will wait the 9 weeks, and AIT and then he'll come back and find another person, like I was just needed till they are done with basic. I am so afraid that I can't put myself out there...I don't know whether to keep pursuing this or just let it go....
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Follow your heart girl! 2 years ago i was with a marine for 6 months and on our 6 month anniversary he graduated boot camp. i did go to his graduation even though his family hated except his aunt who took me with her. i went back to their hometown to spend the weekend with him, but as soon as we got back to his hometown, he dumped me telling me he was being deployed, LIES! like you i thought it was an amazing experience, it made me grow into the strong woman i am today. although i thought i'd never find someone to love and promised myself not to be with another guy from the military, 2 years later i'm madly in love with a soldier from the army. even though we've been together for only 9 months, he's my love. Just do what your heart tells you to do. I did, and would never turn back. if you ever need to talk, you're always welcomed to message me =] Good luck!

Do whatever your heart is telling you to do. But in the end you just have to trust the other person. And know that no matter what happens you are strong person and you will make it through. You have already proved how strong you were by going through your Marine bf being gone. If you made it through not being able to talk but a handful of times over 13 weeks, you can make it through this. Keep your head up, and if nothing else, April is still months away, so use this time to get to know him better and see if this is what you want. I wish you the best, and if you need to talk message me. :)