Stressed Out..

My boyfriend's Basic Training Graduation is November 10th at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. And I'm completely depending on my mother inlaw on how to get there but she hasn't giving me any information on how she's planning on getting there or anything. I already asked for a week off from work, So I will be very upset if I don't go to his graduation & I know he will be too. I live in Pennsylvania which is really far away from Missouri. I don't know what to do! Help.. 
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Yea.. We talked today. Thanks, it is all worth it. I can't wait to see my soldier graduate! :)

dont stress out too much, my boyfriend grad is quite soon and i also had to depend on his mother and stepmother (they dont like each other) to get us there... you just need to start booking ur stuff because the rooms fill up fast and i got one last minute... try and stay patient with your mother in law but call her and keep in touch and remind her of thigns like needin to book the room and make plans, hopefully youll get there. i live in va its a 900 mile trip for me.. n we are driving but its all worth it to me just to see him

Thanks.. Yeah Im going to start booking flights and rooms on my own. I really hope they don't change the date :-/

thats what im worried about to they have already changed it twice but i think its staying this time theres a web sit to check i think its like

my boyfriend is in basic at FLW and his graduation is in January im so excited to see him graduate. i booked a room at the comfort inn and the army is known for switching dates so im waiting to buy my plan ticket until i know for sure. but if your boyfriend is graduation in November i would really start booking stuff. im not relying at all on my boyfriends parents just in case something doesn't work out i don't want to burden them. have fun at his graduation :)

Omg idk what i would do if i was to miss it! It would break my heart and his :-/ thanks a lot, i am gonna look into things myself because i have to be their for him.

I don't have any suggestions, but i know what your going through.. When my boyfriend was in basic all he talked about was me seeing him graduate and i calmly waited for his mother to get her act together to inform me of her plans. Unfortunately i waited to long and there was nothing i could do and by the time graduation rolled around i ended up missing it ;( it broke my heart.... If i were you maybe do some work on your own and show her plain tickets and hotel rooms you found. I'd hate for you to miss it, i hear it's a neat experience.