oookkk... so i have a question for anyone who has been with their guy when he graduated from boot camp/ait. is graduation a dress up thing, or is it casual? i was at the store a week or two ago and found this really cute dress. i bought it because i liked it, but later my mom was like "ooo, you could wear that to cody's graduation." but i wouldnt want to wear it if everyone else there is going to be in jeans and tshirts or something, ya know? any help or suggestions would be awesome :)

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when I went I wore some nice jeans and a dressy top with heels. He loves when i dress like that so i dressed how i knew would knock his socks off, lol. So I say dress to impress him, pretty much what arrowangel21 says. If he would kill to see you in a dress then wear a dress, if he'd kill to see you another way then so be it. Good luck and hope you enjoy seeing him for the first in a while. You'll love it, I know I did.

ok not to sound ridiculous here, but what is he going to want to see you in more ;-) that cute little dress, or a tshirt and jeans, who cares what everyone else thinks. If your situation is like mine, I know you probably haven't seen him for a few months!! I am wearing a DRESS, making damn sure he knows I have arrived, lol. hope this helps!