New To This, Any Advice?

I never planned on falling for him, but it happened. We've been together for a few months now, but it hasn't been all fun and games. He got stationed 4500 miles away from me, in Alaska this past September. I'm attending school here in Georgia, so I wanted to finish this year and then move up there with him. But those plans changed... He got his orders for deployment about a month ago. He did get leave and was able to get to Georgia to spend two days with me, but then had to leave because he wanted to visit his family in NC before he left as well. He deploys for Afghanistan within the next month, and I'm terrified. i'm scared for his safety, more than anything, but also the simple fact that i won't be able to hear his voice every night before i fall asleep is getting to me. He reassures me that he's going to be fine, and that we'll be able to make it and be happier than ever. He's the love of my life, but he hasn't even left yet and this is the hardest thing i've had to do. Does anyone have advice? I'd greatly appreciate it. 
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2011

My boyfriend just deployed 2 weeks ago. I was so nervous and scared as well, but now acutally going through it, it's not as bad as i thought. def keep yourself busy and keep your phone by you. I don't have the luxury of being able to have my phone with me at work so i miss a lot of calls at work which is difficult. E-mail is also a great form of communication. Although you can't see or hear him at least you can still be in contact. Message me if you need to talk!!

Everything the other girls said and keep busy but keep your phone glued to your hand. Cause if you miss a call or text (you might wanna get email on your phone if you already dont) or email its gonna suck so keep on and charged and with you but don't obsess over it like checking it all the time just make sure that if you get a call text or email you will know. And definitely keep busy, for me with friends I've had deployed and with my boyfriend away for training the best thing to keep me from worrying is keeping busy. Anyways thats bout it as far as the advice I can give. keep strong and I'm always here if you need to talk.

Like Desirae said, keep your head up, it will be the hardest thing you have ever done. Dont let him see you faulter on your steady in your happy place when you talk to him. I am recently learning that if you are angry for any reason about something, dont talk to him about it until you calm down...Write it down on paper and burn it or tear it up. Vent here and talk about some of your concerns here. There are some amazing girls on here and they will help you through anything that comes along. Be strong for him but you have to be able to bend with the wind too...just dont break.

Keep your head up, and be strong. At least in front of him. You can come here and vent frustrations. It's going to be hard, and you'll have to fight to keep the relationship alive. But, it is not impossible. :) My boyfriend is on deployment right now too. If you ever need to talk, feel free to contact me. I'll help in any way I can.