Ah He Got The Ring!!!

So today was the army national guard christmas party for my boyfriend's platoon. it was so much fun! got to see our friends =], hang out with an old classmate that i grew up with, and meet new girlfriends/wives. Only problem was my boyfriend was drinking. I am totally ok with him drinking, but when he's drunk it's annoying plus he was driving. well we still had a great time and as we were sitting down for lunch he sits next to me saying how i'm gong to be a great mother, he wants babies and he wants to get married. I've heard this plenty of times especially when hes drunk, so i just sat there and said you're drunk. he kept trying to tell me and told our friends how we're gonna have a baby, but he told my friend more. so she told me to hurry up she needed to talk to me outside. we were walking outside when she blurted "he's gonna propose!!!!" as she was crying lol. we got outside and told me how he purchased the ring. then continued with "what dress you gonna wear" "where you gonna get married" "whats going through your mind", but then said how he didnt propose today because he hasn't asked my mom yet i just started crying. we came back and before our friends left he tells her when hes proposing!! i was wtf?! i wanna know so i dont wear make up lol!

then him and i apartment shopped, we were already talking about moving in together, but the ring news made everything so much more real. we were waiting for the lady to get her keys when he looked at me and started crying. told me how he couldnt wait to make me his wife so of course i started crying. lol... so many thoughts are going through my mind. apartments, wedding plans but more importantly when hes going to propose. we have xmas, our anniversary in jan and my birthday in march im like ahhhh!

hope everyone is doing well =]]
lovinghim5 lovinghim5
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2011