And Now He's Gone.....

i have been w/ my boyfriend for almost 2years, we met our senior year during track. i've been through alot in my 20yrs of living, stuff people would never imagine by looking at me but i have managed to get through everything in my way. i am a strong woman. My boyfriend and i had some issues after he left for basic and we broke up when he went to AIT but got back together before he came home and we've been Happier than ever ever since. he came home and we were back to how we were all lovey dovey. when we're together its like we're in our own little world. we are content w/ just laying on the couch watching a movie and just laying on each others chest listening to each others heart beats. i love him to death and he loves me more than anything. he was only here for 3weeks and i tried to make the most of it, we had soooo much fun these past 3weeks there has been so many days filled w/ love and laughter, i guess i kind of pushed the fact that he was leaving to go to kuwait for a year to the back of my mind. what upset me alot was not only the fact that he was leaving for the year, but also he was leaving the day before my birthday. Last night was our last night together so we decided to go out and celebrate my birthday together it was really fun we went out to a club and danced all night but during the ride home i knew it was the end. i clinged on to him so tight its like my nails were digging into his skin i did not want to let go. i dont know how to feel its like, im mad that he left me but i cant be mad because he's doing it for US. the worst part about EVERYTHING is the fact that i have NOBODY to talk to about it.
sigh.......the tears just keep falling.
i know i can get through the year but its sooooo hard! he is my bestfriend!!
now i am stuck in this funk and i dont want to go anywhere do anything o/r talk to anyone which is kind of sad because
my birthday is tomorrow.

so now he's GONE...........and im just sitting my the dark.......shut off from the world
he says i will be better soon, but how soon is soon? 

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i dont, im not from a military family so this is all new to me. thank you for your words though im feeling a little better today cause he wrote me on facebook and told me happy birthday. and i've been keeping myself busy w/ work. i knew when he left it would be really sad but i also knew it would be good for me because when he was here i dropped everything to focus on him and our 3weeks together and now that he's gone i can focus on my work, and get my license and a car....we're still young i have stuff to do because after his year in kuwait is up im moving w/ him.

Oh hunny I know how you feel and I literally cried while reading this. I go into a huge funk whenever my boyfriend leaves. My boyfriend had leave for 4 weeks of christmas vacation and I was just devestated when he left and just like you i couldn't let him go.<br />
<br />
If you ever need to talk you can always send me a message on here, because it's hard for us military gf's/fiances/wives or watever and it helps to have somebody who understands because i'm guessing that just like me you probably don't have much support from people?