He's My My Everything, My Future...my Life

I'm more of an army fiancee to be exact.

My fiancee and i met in September of 2007. We started dating in October of 2007. His cousin and best friend is dating my best friend. Started as us just hanging out with them. Never thought we'd be together to. He thought i was a b**** and I thought he was an a**. Haha, then when we actually sat down and talked as we let our friends have alone time, i realized he was the one. Although i was dating someone at the time and i didn't express my feelings to my now fiancee. He never tried to have anything or express his feelings due to the fact i was in a relationship and he didn't want to "disrespect" me, until he realized all the drama my ex and i had and he said "i wanted to give you something better" I broke up with my boyfriend soon after. I told Chris how i felt and after a month of dating we decided to officially be boyfriend and girlfriend. I was at a bad place in my life, didn't feel like i had anything to live for, had so many dreams and felt like giving up. He gives me the strength to pursue every dream i haveand to go on every day. After a month of being serious Chris one day up and joined the ARMY, and me not being happy one bit i still supported him and his decision. It's his life...his career. Been together since October 2nd, and now going on to our 7th month. It's serious, really serious. He left January 2nd for boot camp and graduated March 20th. He's now in Maryland for AIT. Gets done in September and gets his 2 week leave, which for that time i've been told to plan a wedding. I proudly support him and stand by my man through all of this. I couldn't ask to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. People are brought into your life right when you need them. I'm a firm believer in fate and believe he was brought into my life at the time for a reason.




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Your story sounds almost exactly as mine. I met my fiance in October 2007 also. He is now in Iraq on his 5th deployment. However, this is my first time having to worry about him being in Iraq, so its hard for me. Not counting, despite the fact we are definately in love and serious, the relationship is still somewhat new and that worries me too. He has already requested an early R&R so that we can marry. He was there for me during a bad situation in my life, always wanting to help, always wanting to protect me. Not wanting to be hurt, I gave him every way out possible, but he never waivered, never stumbled, and most of all he never walked away. Instead, he told me that I couldnt get rid of him that easy. lol Congratz on your soon to be wedding! As my fiance said, "It takes a good/strong woman to be married to a soldier." Stay strong and always insure he never doubts your loyalty to him. :)