I Am A Girlfriend In The Army And I Want To Thank You

I am a girlfriend in the Army, not a girlfriend to someone in the Army. I just saw some of your stories and these men and women are very lucky to have y'all at their sides. I honestly wish my girlfriend had been half as faithful to me while I was gone. I know it must be hard to love someone so far away and deal with things you can't share with your loved one, but please, continue to do what you do. We need it. If it weren't for strong women like yourselves, we'd have nothing to come home to. It takes a special type of person to join the military, it takes an even more precious type of person to stand by that first type's side. It is women like yourselves that make us push harder, fight harder, and be better. Without family, friends, and loved ones, we are nothing. So thank you.
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3 Responses Feb 1, 2012

I know we always talk about how brave our men (or women) are or how strong we have to be for them but please don't ever forget that all of us support the entire army, not just our loved ones. You all work together to come home safe and back to us. <br />
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If I may speak for some of us, we're here for you too! If others don't wish for me to speak for them then I'll speak for myself--I support you, I support your missions, I support your hard work. <br />
I support my man, his leaders, his job, etc. I support all of you because without all of you working together we would not accomplish great things. And knowing that everyone wants to come home safely, helps me get through the nights of worry for him. <br />
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You'll find someone to be loyal and treat you right, they're out there.

This melted my heart. Thank you so much for your service, and your kind words.

It's nice to know that what we are doing holding down the fort is helping my man muddle through. Thank you for your encouragement and your thoughts. I appreciate them. More importantly, thank you for your service, Sister!!!!! Hoorah!!!! Stay safe, wherever you are!