Finally Met!

After near 2 months of talking online, phone and skype, the 4th of February rolled around. I began crossing off the days on a calendar about a month ago. Each day I got to cross off made my heart race a little but more. All day I could not breathe, I was so nervous. The plan was to meet him on base at midnight to pick him up. well, being directionally challenged as I am, I got lost on base, plus was running late. Once I finally found the place, he had already hitched a ride to the hotel he will be staying at for the week before he can move into his apartment. I found that after a few wrong turns (GPS is useless on base, by the way). By this time, I was frustrated and disappointed in myself because I wasn't there to pick him up when I said I would be. IU sat in my car for a few minutes trying to collect my thoughts and figure out how to breathe again. Then, I saw a beautiful sight- him walking towards my car. Of course, everyone looks the same in uniform, so I wasn't sure it was him until I heard his voice. It was so nice to put his body, face and voice all together. I gathered my stuff, and walked with him into the hotel. Once we got to the room, he showered. because they all smell terribly after returning from deployment. Then, we could finally get to work on "us" in person. We get along wonderfully. I was worried, since talking online can be so deceiving sometimes, but all of that worry has disappeared. I am so very grateful he is home. although I didn't have to suffer through the full deployment, 2 months was very hard. But, I know if him and I work out. then I will be experiencing it again within a year. He will be going on his own tho, not because it is required. Rank really is everything with them and they wont pass up opportunities to get promoted. Regardless, I was here while he was deployed and I will still be here If he goes back. It's amazing how you can look at someone and just know that you're supposed to be with them. I get to see him again tomorrow!!! tho, it is weird actually having him here and not needing to be glued to facebook in case he got on and sent me a message.
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awww i'm soooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it must feel amazing to have him home and so close to you :-D