Hes Leaving

my boyfriend and i just got together about 2 months ago and his deployment day gets changed every other day and its driving me nuts. mainly because i am a planer and the fact that i keep trying to prepare myself for him to leave... and i have figured out i will never be prepared for that. it hurts every time he leaves to go back to post. beyond that he is so perfect and we have had no arguments basically because he understands that im right most of the time. although i have had one issue and if anyone else can relate i would really apprieciate some advise about this. he is from out of town and ive not met his mom yet because she lives a whole state away but he doesnt want to tell his mom we are dating because she would get mad. she told him before he left not to get involved with anyone because she didnt want him to get a dear john letter. which i would never do that i am in love with this boy and i wish he would just tell her!!!! Is it right for me to be upset about this?
dakotaelliott dakotaelliott
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1 Response Feb 6, 2012

I think you have that right. If he loves you enough to be with you before he deploys, he should have the strength to tell his mom. She's just looking out for her son, but he shouldn't be afraid of telling her.