Army Girlfriend Prayer For Deployment

Dear Lord,


Please grant me the strength to hold back my tears, and show him that smile that he loves one last time

Just until I drive away, so that he will know I can be strong for him

Please, Lord, guide my words so they come out the way I have practiced them over and over in anticipation of this day.

Lord, guide his arms to embrace me just a little tighter this time, and please, make it last. 

Guide my eyes toward his and help me say goodbye.

Please give me courage to wake up every day, and do the things here that need to be done, even though he is all I think about.

Hold me, Lord, while he can not, and catch my tears as they fall for him.

Tell him, Lord, how much I miss him, and how hard it is to fall asleep without him next to me, so that he knows my loyalty to him.

But more than anything, I ask you to watch over him. Protect him from harm and, please, Lord guide him home safely to me

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2012

I absolutely love this...spoken like a true Army girl :)

i don't like how eveything is ba<x>sed around wives, i'm just a girlfirned and i like reading things for girlfriends too

i very very much like this :)

Thank you!! I wrote it last night, my boyfriend's first night of deployment. All the prayers I've found are more geared towards wives, which is awesome, but I wanted to have a special one that could apply to anyone, so I just wrote what I was feeling!