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I have a queustion... My boyfriend will be leaving for basic on Sept 4 and he is also doing airborne. I heard that after basic he goes straight to airborne. Is that true or does he take a quick break and then leaves?

Thank You :)
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Ok, Thank you so much :)

you're very welcome anytime

my best friend got to come gome for 2 weeks in between

Exodus is about 2 weeks off during the holidays if they're in basic or ait.

This is a probably dumb question.. but what's exodus? lol I'm new at this whole thing so I'm trying to get use to all the words lol

Well mid December is perfect. He'll be off for exodus so you have nothing to worry about.

Oh that's good. Cuz i kind of calculated when does he come back and it should be by mid December. So if he gets a break he will be here for all of the holidays, but if he doesn't get a break he won't be here. :(

My boyfriend got 2 weeks off in between.