First Care Package Overseas

I was super excited to send my first made care package overseas... I have to say I was lil irritated making sure all the items I purchased would fit inside the large but rather small looking box... the forms were a headache for me messing up one time and filling another out...but overall was a great experience and I can't wait to send more... I made sure I grabbed extra boxes and forms to speed up the process nex time... thanx to following how to send a care package overseas from youtube helped tons
texasgirl87 texasgirl87
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 5, 2012

What all did you put in there? I'm looking for any suggestions for my first to send!

The care package I sent was food. I sent a variety of his favorites peanuts,soups,crackers,summer sausage. So wen sending your care package add things he likes. I didn't send hygiene items because I heard mixing them with food can make the food taste certain way. So if you decide to add that make sure its secured in ziplock bags so it won't leak. Just be creative I also sent stuffed animal with scent my purfum on it along with a card. I hope this can give u idea wat u wanna send. ; )

Yes! Thank you so much! He's sending me necessities he needs so I'm trying to come up with everything else. This was so much appreciated!