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My boyfriend and I have been together for, 4 years, 5 in June. We met in high school and he slowly became my best friend and my boyfriend. He means the world to me. Since we were both starting our lives, he would mention joining once or twice and I guess I just didn't want to hear him, or believe him. But I slowly saw that he was really serious about fighting an protecting our country. He is truly my hero. He's gone and this is the first time in those four and a half years I can't talk to him when I want to, see him when I want, etc. I finally understand when army wives/girlfriends say "half of me is gone when he is away" because that's exactly how I feel. I guess I'm just looking for any advice on how to get thru this and make it easier? I don't know many army wives or girlfriends so this isn't something I can just talk to, to any friend. They have no idea how this feels.
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I think it's important to realize that your relationship is going to take on an entirely new sense of "normal." The periods of distance/loneliness are rough but those moments always end and they make your time together more meaningful. My boyfriend is overseas and I feel like I'm going nuts most of the time. Write him letters/e-mails often, even if you don't send all of them. Keep looking for military support groups. Most people can't relate to situations like our and it just intensifies the loneliness. There's as much honor in being a supportive, loyal, positive girlfriend/spouse as there is in being a service member.

I just think this will all be worth it in the end, ya know

although we have very less time to stay together, but I think i am the happiest women to be with him. even he is very serious in the army, he often gives me surprise to let me feel he is always with me. I choose to bear the lonely and wait for him.