Every Military Man Should Read This One

A Military Spouse's promise …

I cannot promise that I will not become frustrated when you leave me and the world seems to fall apart around me.

I cannot promise that I will not curse those who sent you when the dryer breaks, and the transmission needs to be replaced, and the dog eats the couch all in the same week - most likely the week after you deploy.

I cannot promise that the sand and mud that cakes my floor will not cause me to give you harsh looks and rude thoughts. I cannot promise that my heart will not be torn in twelve different ways when you march away from me.

I cannot promise that I will not let my anger show when you refuse to answer questions.

I cannot promise to understand why you share things with your comrades that you will not share with me.

I cannot promise that there won’t be times when my heartache makes its presence known before my pride can mask it.

I cannot promise that I will not show my worry and my concern when it is best for you not to see it.

I cannot promise to understand why you do so many of the things you do.

But I can promise that for as many tears of sadness and frustration and anger that are shed there will be double that of tears of pride. I can promise you that for every time you are away from me, I will learn to cherish the times that you are with me. In everything I will honor you and honor your sacrifice. I can promise to teach our children to do the same. I will use every moment that you are not with them to show them the amazing man that you are through my actions and my pride. I can promise that there will never be a night where you are not the subject of my final prayer and the keeper of my dreams. I promise to try to be understanding that there are many things I will never understand. I promise to keep you with me in everything and to do my best to keep grace in this life. I will be strong for you as you are strong for me and I will carry you with me in every moment until your sandy boots again sit just inside our door.
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beautiful!! :)

This will be my vows at our wedding.

I miss my soldier =(

And that's when you find your guy is being used for political and corporate interests in Afghanistan.


i cryed reading this ! soooo true! All I want is him home!

Oh how very true this is!! Thank you for posting :)