Dare I utter that word.....flourishing.....How could it be?! The love of my life is away at war-how could I possibly feel this happy? My grades are better than ever, I haven't cried in a month....I finally feel like I can have fun again.  My life was flipped upside down two months ago when he got on that plane and yet  I feel like I am in a totally different place now, a better place!  I went through all of the grieving stages-denial, anger, sadness and now- acceptance. I am at peace with this situation.  It is awful, scary, and at times seems unfair.  I would never wish for someone to go through a deployment- to have to wait back at home hoping and praying you will be reunited again one day.  But I have an inner confidence that he will come again.  I know deep down that I am strong enough to get through this.  With every ounce of my being I will make this ****** situation work.  I am truly happy.  Find that inner peace girls....it will change everything! 

Much Love. 
michmill michmill
Apr 26, 2012