Just Saying Goodbye?

My finace left for afghanistan last thursday (4/19/12), and in the month before he left he all but closed me out, and spent most of his time talking to exes, if this were a normal relationship that wouldnt fly, but since he is deploying i dont know if he felt like he needed to say his goodbyes to everyone. Did anyone else have this problem before your 'other' left? 
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thank you, it helps to know its not just me, deployment isnt exactly a normal stage in the relationship and since this is my first experience i have no idea what to expect

I dont know about talking to exes, but mine did spend a lot of time saying goodbye to everyone. I was the last person he called, he made sure he talked to everyone else first. But yeah, even before that he did a lot of running around because he had to buy the new multicams and all the matching gear for Afghanistan, plus make sure all his other guys had everything they needed, so we talked less. Also they dont know what to talk about, theyre being told that most of them wont come home, that most of them will get dear john letters, and that its going to be nine months in hell. <br />
So all in all, his actions are kinda normal if thats all. Just tell him how much you care for him and send him letters and packages along with emails and all that stuff, trust me they live for that stuff. It also may ease his mind if he was worried about stuff before he left. <br />
Also know that depending where he goes, communication can be tough, and you will have to kinda be his rock, be there no matter what, because his day to day worries are going to mainly be on the mission.<br />
Good luck and message me anytime!