What To Wear?!

I'm going to Hawaii to see my soldier in 9 days!! I can't believe it's already time :) but I'm in a little bit of a pickle....I have no idea what to wear on the plane! I want to look good for him but I have a 16 hour plane ride before I get to.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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Thanks so much for all the ideas ladies!! I totally plan on tackling him in the airport haha after 5 months, how could I not?!<br />
So shorts are a must! Jennxxd, love the blanket idea! I ALWAYS freeze on airplanes.<br />
And I never would have thought to freshen up! Thanks for the tip!<br />
<br />
You ladies rock :)

This shirt :D (or something like it):<br />
http://www.papayaclothing.com/shop/goods_detail_v1.php?goodsIdx=17671<br />
<br />
and these shorts (in khaki) with the wedges :D<br />
http://www.papayaclothing.com/shop/goods_detail_v1.php?goodsIdx=17428<br />
<br />
the shirt is cute because if u wear it with a spaghetti strap underneath, or bandeau, it shows ur figure while at the same time, it's flowy, so it's comfy for plane ride. The shorts can be whatever, really. but those khaki ones would look amazing with those wedges if that's what you're wearing :)

clothes are fun!

omg these are cute too! http://www.papayaclothing.com/shop/goods_detail_v1.php?goodsIdx=17141

i hope i'm not bothering u with all my posts haha, i just love clothes, as u can see

You aren't bothering me at all! I actually LOVE that shirt and I think I might get it :)
And you introduced me to a new website to spend all the money I don't have! haha

money's made for spending ;)

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I would say either:<br />
Shorts and a cute shirt or a dress.<br />
& defintely wear wedges or cute flats.<br />

I'm not even going that far. I'm just wearing shorts, a tee shirt and a hollister hoodie. But, then again, I sport the lazy-but-cute look alot.

So cute! I would definitely go with the cute and comfy dress and wedges, unless you plan on completely tackling him at the airport then you want something with legs in it, like denim shorts and a pretty flowy top. Agree with the girl above me and definitely freshen up in the bathroom before you land, you may just be sitting for the plane ride but after 16 hours, a little deo and perfume will be a plus! Have fun!

totally agree with you :) im all for tackling though, so i would go towards the shorts and flowy top, hehe

oh, and take a jacket or blankie in case your legs get cold!

I would wear a comfy but cute dress that doesn't wrinkle and some flats or wedges. Freshen up in the bathroom before you land ( baby wipes and perfume) have fun <3