Worries About South Korea!!!

So my fiancée graduated from BCT in February and right after that he was sent to Ft. Lee,VA for AIT and that is where he will be until August which is in 2 months. All his sargents have been telling him he is going to be stationed in South Korea :( I was excited at first but then as I started reading I seen that most of the time the spouse does not get to go and that he might be gone for 6 months to a year!!! I was freaking about it but I don't want him to see how sad I really am about it because I don't want him to worrie! I just no he has been working so hard and I don't want him to feel bad :-( I love him so much and we have been together for 2 years and for those 2 years have never been apart for this long!! It's going on 7 months now and the time is getting near for them to tell him his duty station. I am just so nervous!! I wish there was a way I could go with him! Is there any advice out there? Someone who has gone or who is going threw this now?
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Thanks for ur comment looks like we are in the same boat lol I see him every month it's like 600 every time I go up there but it's worth it. I think it is just hard because I no if he is stationed in Korea then I won't get to see him at all in my eyes his chances on getting stationed there are like 60/40!!

I am 6 months into a 3 deployment with my boyfriend so I know how you feel!! It's really hard but we just try to make the most of the time we have together which includes acutally seeing eachother, e-mailing, and phone calls. I'm lucky enough that when he's not on mission we get to talk several times a week, hopefully that will happen with you as well!! Feel free to message me if you want to chat :-)