Recycled ?... Armyfiance Struggles :(

Its been awhile since I've been on here but :( my boyfriend who is in AIT ( Ft. Huachuca) was supposed to graduate in June but he was recycled and now is stuck there until august I'm just going through a really hard time .. We both are and i just need some support from you ladies out there that know how difficult this can be cause right now no one at home understands what this is like .
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what helped me when he was deployed was whenever I started to get upset about him being away or when I needed to talk to him...I'd just write everything down, even if it didn't make sense and then send them to him so that way I got off my chest what I needed to and he knew how much I thought of him

Wow im so sorry to hear that :( but as an army girlfriend you have to realise this is the kind of stuff that comes with it, my soldier was supposed to leave to afghanistand in a couple days , instead he left on a 3 day notice about a week ago. it feels like hes been gone longer, and its alot more scary knowing hes in war. but just relax and use this time away for something good, like bettering yourself, thinking about your future, and if you can talk to him then do that :) the things i would do to have my man here whenever i need him, atleast a call away.

It's the same he doesn't always have his phone and I can't just call him when I need him ... If it was that easy lol I know deployment is hard my brother recently came back good luck to you